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  1. SKINNY #opiran

    Error message after logging in with Steam.

    poor guide.
  2. SKINNY #opiran

    Flairing new account !!!

    steam : skinnystealer , it's flaired to my deleted reddit ( skinnypicha ) ... please help me
  3. SKINNY #opiran

    Flairing new account !!!

    reddit : skinny_js
  4. SKINNY #opiran

    Flairing new account !!!

    HELLO! i'm posting and i got no reply. please answer, i need to sell my items. i deleted my reddit account and i need to flair my old account that i recovered it password now! i will give any prove that i'm the owner)
  5. SKINNY #opiran

    Removing flair

    Hello, I used to flair my steam account to the wrong new account that I've been using for my work acc. now I'm getting Error: 212 and I want to remove that steam acc from my Reddit acc so I can flair it into my main trading account, is it possible?