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Banned by: Reddit gaming if I remember correctly r/TF2Trade

Hey, I got banned 2561 ago it's over 7 years now. That ban happends when I was 16 years old so I was just a stupid kid.

Let me explain my behaviour: I just got my first ever csgo knife I was so excited about it, I was trying to trade it on csgo lounge, than this guy added me and start talking about some dota item (I don't know anything about dota items) that's is listed on steam market for some much overprice. He link me this guy (who owns that dota item) steam profile and told me if I get this dota item for him, he will trade with me for other knife (I can't reamember what knife it was). I added that guy with dota item, and he told me that he can trade it for my knife and m4 skin (on screenshot). I fell for that really hard and lost my first ever knife.
I was so angry, and I was thinking "Oh if someone scams me, I'm gonna try scam other person". That was so wrong. And I got what I deserved. Even if I think about it right now I feel so stupid.
But still I have never successful scam someone, yes I was trying but I did not get any items. Even now what I was looking for that trade on my trade history I can see I never scam someone.

Let's jump to the current times: Right now I'm a 23 year old man, have a job and a "life" (lol). I mean right now I know the value of money. I will never ever think of scam someone irl or in "virtual world".
I will be really grateful for my second chance and get unban, I won't waste it. It was 7 years ago, I really have time to think over about my disgusting behavior.

Thank you for your time looking into my appeal.


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