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I got banned from r/GlobalOffensiveTrade for impersonation to defraud back in 2017, 1716 days ago.

I admit that there was a scamming attemp by me by changing my nick to " CSGOLounge | Trade Bot " in june of 2017. But it was only an attempt and i didn't scam anybody and in order to prove that i uploaded screenshots of my inventory history of june 2017 to this google drive link.

In conclusion , yes i tried to scam but i was 14 and that was an unsuccesful attempt. I grew up with time and now i understand i harmed the community with this kind of an act. And i think this ban can be replaced by a caution when we considered the time that passed.

**I dont have a link to moderator mail ban message. i didn't own a reddit account back in that day.