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Link to the moderator mail ban message:

List all of your Reddit and Steam profiles:
  • Blizzard Steam (Main Account) connected to (I believe it was /u/Kicku120)(Deleted Reddit Account)
  • Blizzard Alt Steam (Alt Account) connected to /u/__Blizzard__
  • /u/BlizzardTrade (No Steam Account Connected)

Explain why you deserve to be unbanned:
  • I believe I deserve to be unbanned as I have learned from my past mistakes and take full responsibility for my actions that occurred three years ago. I ask for a change of heart appeal. Furthermore, over the course of the past three years, I have never tried to ban evade or circumvent this ban in any way as I fully accepted my punishment. If given a second chance and unbanned I plan to continue to not post to r/GlobalOffensiveTrade since I do not have any way of accessing it without breaking the rules since I deleted my original Reddit account that was tied to my main account on Steam. If need be I will delete the Reddit account after unban so that I can no longer have access to posting to the subreddit. The reasoning behind me appealing this ban is not only because I feel guilty for my past mistakes, but I also volunteer at multiple communities that aid in scam prevention and this does not reflect well on me as a staff member.
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Context that led up to my ban: around 3-4 years ago I deleted my original Reddit account that was linked to my Main Steam account as I wanted a Reddit name that matched the name that I was using on Steam for trading which was "Blizzard." Being impatient, I didn't check the subreddit's FAQ which heavily advised against deleting Reddit accounts since there was no way to transfer the Steam account that was linked. After coming to the realization that I now had no way of using the subreddit I panicked and tried to find a solution that wouldn't break the rules. I came up with a weird workaround where I would instead use my alt account for linking and have a link to my main account on my steam info box. Before linking I reached out to one of the subreddit moderators known as /u/wickedplayer494 explaining my situation and asking if this workaround would be acceptable per the rules (Permalink of the message: https://www.reddit.com/message/messages/dv97x0). Despite receiving no response from him, I decided to go ahead and link them anyways. I should have realized that this workaround still broke the rules and falls under alting since I was using an alt account. Upon linking my account I mostly used the subreddit for commenting on other posts related to souvenir skins and occasionally trying to assist with price checking them. Soon after, I was banned accordingly for my actions. I do want to clarify that I never IMPERSONATED anyone nor did I have any MALICIOUS INTENT when I was alting. I can prove ownership of all of my accounts with the exception of my original Reddit account since that was deleted.

Include any relevant evidence in your post:

Thank you for taking this appeal into consideration and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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Hi, @Knightmare

I just wanted to check in and touch base with you as it has been several months now and I wanted to let you know I haven't abandoned this appeal. I presume you are quite busy and have a lot on your plate, but if you get any spare time I would appreciate the consideration. I am willing to cooperate in any way possible and provide any extra info that you may need.

I'm aware that my chances are quite slim, but I believe I deserve a second chance as it has been several years since my ban and I have learned from my mistakes. This is also my first and only offense.